-What type of taxation do you specialise in?

We specialise in all taxation, as a registered tax agent we are able to process tax issues relating from individuals to self managed super funds.

-Do you have an office or do you travel to your clients?

See the Contact Us page for our office locations.

Visit one of our office locations or make an appointment for one of our staff to visit you.

-Do you offer bookkeeping services?

Yes we can provide all accounting services speak to our staff to arrange the service that best suits you.

-Can you guide me on how to keep basic records?

Yes we can assist you, because the more you know the easier it makes our job and it saves you money in the long run.

Feel free to ask any questions call today.

-If I do the basics, what value can you add and how much cheaper?

We can check that you have covered everything

Cost will depend on all work required to be completed.

-How often do I need to see you (as my accountant) or get you to do things (accounting work) for me?

Your specific needs will determine the level of service and frequency you may require.

-Does Tax Angels provide business advisory services?

Yes, make an appointment to speak with one of our consultants.

-How do I know if I should register for GST or not?

  • If the gross turnover of your business is above $75k then yes.
  • If the turnover is below this threshold you may choose either way.
  • Is it beneficial to you in your circumstances?
  • If your GST expenditure is greater than the GST collected, then it may be worth registering.

-How do I know whether to use cash or accruals?

  • Most business’ run on a cash basis, as they pay accounts when it falls due.
  • If you run your business on a terms condition 30, 60, 90 day accounts, or if you pay accounts in advance then you would be on accruals.
  • You can run your accounts on accruals and GST on cash.

-Should I use an accounting package or excel?

It depends entirely on your circumstances and your budget, it will also depend on your rate of growth.

-What is budgeting and planning? How do I do it?

  • Budgeting is a way of accurately anticipating expenditure, income and allocating resources accordingly.
  • Planning is a way of applying your budget over a given period.
  • Call us today and we will assist you in taking steps towards creating a solid budgeting plan that works with your business model.

-Do you advise on best business structure?

We are able to advise you on the best business structure and are able to process the relevant documentation.

-Should I register a company or is a business name enough?

  • Deciding to register a company or business name relies on many factors and is determined by your plan for your particular business model.
  • We can assist you in making this decision and also process the relevant documentation as required.

-Do you have an affiliation with anyone (other companies, businesses)?

Yes we are affiliated will many specialists and professionals in the following  financial sectors.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Planner
  • Accredited M.A.P Money Coach
  • Lawyer
  • Loans Consultant
  • Property Investment
  • Key Choice Home Loans
  • Finance/ Mortgage Broker